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Steve Finnan
Unsung Hero
13th-Aug-2007 12:57 am
a new season started. Liverpool off to a winning start for the first time under Rafa =)
for the past three seasons it was always a draw away from home. this time round away game again but we won!!!

i didnt know starhub no longer in partnership with ESPN and ESS till a few days ago, after no timeslot for epl games on the two ch.

so its football channel (a ch started for world cup, and ended with it), super sports, and super sports plus. all by starhub

Now 7 sports channel for additional 10 bucks. i have to say im not very happy with that. even though football channel have a nicer logo but i'll miss john dykes and co.
its not gonna be the same again. btw only their in game logos/score guide are nice. the music and others nth comparative to espn ess.
and the best that could happened: they were showing some astronaut commercial during half-time break and suddenly it snapped back to the game into the first min of 2nd half! they totally mis-timed it!!!!

what a first impression.

game against Aston Villa wasnt particularly good but a win is a win. so yea..
not a big fan of Gerrard but he did well there so kudos.

ok i'll end off with this:

* ROAR. youtube removed my recent videos again!! ok just dun ban my acc. i dun wanna start uploading them one by one again.. Xp
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