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Steve Finnan
Unsung Hero
hAA CHooo~ 
4th-May-2008 10:18 pm
Okay lets clear the dust a bit here.
Finn haven been playing much these days and i have to admit i'm super bias. i seem to nurse a grudge against arbeloa because he's getting more and more over-rated (and starts more often too)
i know i should love Liverpool as a club, and not the players blablabla. But seriously, arbeloa hasnt quite convince me that he can replace Finnan's defensive duties. I have questions about his positioning and his wild runs(into midfield btw). Plus i got no idea why he always stand rooted to the ground and let the opponent skip passed him. He loves to dive btw which really isnt helpful as a defender. TOLD YOU i'm super bias. hahah ok i have to admit he's quicker than Finnan(now). But i doubt he'll ever be as good as Finnan in his prime. Well back to Finn, the Big man is 32! he really doesnt look that old.

Happy (belated) Birthday Finn!

the jerseys number suppose to form "32" but it didnt quite turn out, wad do u expect i'm in a rush...
Man city match coming up and Finn is playingggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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