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Steve Finnan
Unsung Hero
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31st-Jul-2008 02:33 am - please don't take my finnan away
With all the talk of Finnan leaving is making me uneasy.

i know he's getting slow but please give him one more chance..
at least let him start one of the pre-season game... GRR

on a brighter note, its nice seeing Finnan smile like that..(with new boy Robbie, since he is a Robbie he must b good)

haha. don't ask my y they're holdin hands

hoho i'm addicted to Lovely Complex!
the Manga, the Anime, and the Movie

a story about a taller girl falling in love with a shorter boy, thus the name lovely complex. very original
love comedy but definitely got me off my seat( laugh too much fall off)
its hilarious, sweet and totally lifted my spirit

firefox has been slow X 03812047239872380975823 times lately
and its been restartin my comp ON ITS OWN for some strange reason..
new doesnt mean better
i very much prefer version 1.5

on the other hand i start work officially tmr. and this retarded comp isnt helping much when i have so much to tidy up
O Lord i need more timeeeee.
4th-May-2008 10:18 pm - hAA CHooo~
Okay lets clear the dust a bit here.
Finn haven been playing much these days and i have to admit i'm super bias. i seem to nurse a grudge against arbeloa because he's getting more and more over-rated (and starts more often too)
i know i should love Liverpool as a club, and not the players blablabla. But seriously, arbeloa hasnt quite convince me that he can replace Finnan's defensive duties. I have questions about his positioning and his wild runs(into midfield btw). Plus i got no idea why he always stand rooted to the ground and let the opponent skip passed him. He loves to dive btw which really isnt helpful as a defender. TOLD YOU i'm super bias. hahah ok i have to admit he's quicker than Finnan(now). But i doubt he'll ever be as good as Finnan in his prime. Well back to Finn, the Big man is 32! he really doesnt look that old.

Happy (belated) Birthday Finn!

the jerseys number suppose to form "32" but it didnt quite turn out, wad do u expect i'm in a rush...
Man city match coming up and Finn is playingggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20th-Aug-2007 03:15 am - robbed by styles
referee kayu!!!
Chelsea played with 12th men on the pitch

maureen: referee had a positive day. disgusting moron.

*wth wadeva video i posted all get deleted*

link to finnan's interview after the game

feel totally gutted for him and torres.

13th-Aug-2007 12:57 am - 2007/2008
a new season started. Liverpool off to a winning start for the first time under Rafa =)
for the past three seasons it was always a draw away from home. this time round away game again but we won!!!

i didnt know starhub no longer in partnership with ESPN and ESS till a few days ago, after no timeslot for epl games on the two ch.

so its football channel (a ch started for world cup, and ended with it), super sports, and super sports plus. all by starhub

Now 7 sports channel for additional 10 bucks. i have to say im not very happy with that. even though football channel have a nicer logo but i'll miss john dykes and co.
its not gonna be the same again. btw only their in game logos/score guide are nice. the music and others nth comparative to espn ess.
and the best that could happened: they were showing some astronaut commercial during half-time break and suddenly it snapped back to the game into the first min of 2nd half! they totally mis-timed it!!!!

what a first impression.

game against Aston Villa wasnt particularly good but a win is a win. so yea..
not a big fan of Gerrard but he did well there so kudos.

ok i'll end off with this:

* ROAR. youtube removed my recent videos again!! ok just dun ban my acc. i dun wanna start uploading them one by one again.. Xp
8th-Aug-2007 04:04 am - youtube
my acc just got deleted from youtube.
breach of copyright infringement. there goes my 72 goals TT
maybe i should switch to motiono.

gawd.. all the time ive spent uploading them. --

i'll try spend some time to fix the skin, now i regret not learning more about css. i think i'm too dumb for livejournal XD
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